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Preventive treatment of galvanized parts is a major industrial challenge, and one that mobilizes our chemical engineers on a daily basis in their search for the optimum formulation of high-efficiency products.


For pickling and dezincification

Specially formulated to be non-foaming for optimal surface treatment.

the advantages

Save on pickling or dezing baths by reducing attack on sound metal.
Inhibited acid attacks only the iron oxides present on the parts, not the sound metal. There’s no need to pollute the baths with the customer’s metal, since the hot-dip galvanizing will be sold by weight afterwards.

Minimize embrittlement of parts by hydrogen occlusion.
For obvious safety reasons, deontology dictates that safety parts for technical assemblies must never be pickled in non-inhibited acids, or without subsequent degassing.

Allowing the use of steel tanks without acid-proof coating, which also represents a significant investment saving.