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Pickling is a process of removing the oxides and scale from the steel surface.
It is performed in a solution of diluted HI with presenc of additives.


Pickling and stripping inhibitor

Specially formulated to be non-foaming for optimal surface treatment.

the advantages

Save on pickling or stripping baths by reducing attack on metal substrate.

Minimize embrittlement of parts by hydrogen occlusion.

Allowing the use of steel tanks without acid-proof coating, which also represents a significant investment saving.

Steamer 700

Anti-vapour additive

Significantly reduces hydrochloric gas emissions from pickling baths.

This additive is fully compatible with all other products used on the surface preparation line.

the advantages

Help protect the health of your staff.

Zincarev mad 16

Degreasing additive

For degreasing directly in a pickling bath.

This function may be required when the hot-dip galvanizing unit does not include degreasing, or when the degreasing capacity of the surface preparation line needs to be increased for a particular operation.

the advantages

– wetting
– anti-steam
– degreaser

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