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galvanizing bath

The special products in this range were developed at the request of galvanizers who expressed certain problems often encountered in the trade.

Epuroil 3000

Bath depuration

EPUROIL 3000 is part of the new generation of chemical purification products. These additives are used in a variety of environments to release all organic matter surface of the baths.

This product is used to purify pickling baths and fluxing baths of a hot dip galvanizing without altering the mineral constituents of the composition.


  • Avoid untimely release of organic matter on pickling and fluxing baths
  • Purify flux baths to improve chemical conversion yield and quality
  • Avoid organic carryover to the zinc bath to facilitate fume filtration operations
  • Improve the performance of baths, which quickly lose efficiency when loaded with organic pollution


This product can be used to renovate galvanizing.

This non-aggressive deoxidation technology is designed to recover accidental surface oxidation.


  • Rapid removal of oxides
  • No aggression towards the metal to be deoxidized
  • Excellent penetration of hollow bodies
  • For use on galvanized or pre-coated sheet metal
  • Great flexibility of use

techmousse 3


Stops foam formation in pickling baths.


RECYCASH is a new product formulated for the treatment of zinc ash.


It significantly reduces the zinc content of ash by recovering it from molten zinc. Zinc recovery is around 50-70%.


white rust

Cleaning agent, deoxidizer for zinc melt.

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